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£925 for a kebab in Canary Wharf – Most expensive in the world

Restaurant in Canary Wharf sells the world’s most expensive grilled-lamb skewers, a portion of which costs £925!

Hazev Restaurant in Canary Wharf sells the world’s most expensive grilled skewers, a portion of which costs £925. Operating 15 kebab restaurants in London and recognized as one of the most famous kebab restaurant owners, Şahan said that this amount is not too expensive for grilled skewers, adding that “If there is someone who cooks it better, I can pay £1,000 for it.”

The chefs use high grade Japanese Wagyu beef which is one of the highest quality meats in the world and is known for being extremely marbled. They use Terre Bormane, a famous vinegar brand which costs about £200 for a 10 cl bottle and morel mushrooms. The grilled skewers are cooked with La Vallee des Baux, a world-class olive oil that costs around £40. Also used is french Chaumes cheese, courgette flowers, Turkish basil and Jerusalem artichokes.

Head Chef Onder Sahan. Image:
Head Chef Onder Sahan. Image:

Last week the head chef won the “Alton and Co Best Chef Award” at the fourth annual Kebab Awards Ceremony in London.

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