How would you like Tower Hamlets Council to be run?

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Would you like a person who is chosen by a group of councillors to be the leader of the council? This would mean you will have no choice in who this person will be, this will be a change from how the council is run now.

Or would you like the council to be run by a person who is elected by YOU, a resident of Tower Hamlets? This is how the council is run now.

Opinion is divided at Tower Hamlets News, the majority think that Option 1 (keep the Mayor system) is the sensible option to choose in the governance referendum today. If Tower Hamlets is to have a bright future, residents need to vote for their own leader.

The leader must be chosen by you, the residents of the borough and not be chosen by a group of councillors behind close doors who may not have your best interests at heart.

Vote Option 1 – Mayor system.

This question will shape the future of Tower Hamlets. You can find out more details on the council Tower Hamlets governance model referendum page.

So please vote for the first option on your ballot paper today, keep the way the council is run by rejecting the Cabinet model, vote for your own leader rather than a person who is chosen by a small group of people.

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