Police set the record straight after no further action against Luftur Rahman in election fraud farce

Four affluent campaigners are still unhappy that no further action is to be taken against Lutfur Rahman.

Four affluent ‘campaigners’ are angry that the police have decided to take no further action against Lutfur Rahman. They are cross because they paid a lot of money to go to a civil court, who ruled that the mayoral election of 2014, was void, meaning Rahman had to stand down and he was also banned from standing for mayor again.

Richard Mawrey QC, the judge in the case ruled that the ex mayor was guilty of bribery and corruption. He also ordered Rahman to pay the campaigners legal costs, which amounts to over £500,000.

The campaigners are still waiting for Rahman to pay them half a million pounds, they have not received a penny. They are now trying to take his property, in order to sell them to get money for their legal costs.

The campaigners argue that because a civil court was allowed to strip Lutfur Rahman of his Mayor title and ban him, the police must be able to do something.

A newspaper called The Wharf asked the Metropolitan Police why they were not pursuing Mr Rahman any further, a police spokesman said to them: “The Election Commissioner made his findings using the criminal standard of proof, but in doing so he used evidence that would not have been available in criminal proceedings.

“The MPS does not seek to disagree with the Election Commissioner’s reference to the standard of proof he applied in the High Court proceedings. This however has no impact on the CPS decision that there was insufficient evidence to proceed with a criminal prosecution.”

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