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Tower Hamlets crime figures revealed

Ever wondered how much crime there is in Tower Hamlets?

Crime in the East End has been rife for centuries. Take an intense concentration of people and add high levels of poverty and you have a recipe for social disaster. In this article we will break down the official crime figures from the Metropolitan Police who have an obligation to release them.

In 12 months to February 16 the total ‘notifiable offences‘ was 28,684, which was an increase of 5.48% from the year before.

The chart below shows us that there was 2122 notifiable offences in Tower Hamlets for February 2016.

Tower Hamlets crimes by type Feb 16
Tower Hamlets crimes by type Feb 16

Under half of these offences (982) were for anti-social behaviour and 663 offences were for ‘violence against the person’ which includes a range of offences including Murder, Harassment, Common Assault, Actual Bodily Harm, Grievous Bodily Harm, Possession of Offensive Weapon (with intent) and Other Violence.

The second chart breaks down the numbers in to wards with Spitalfields and Banglatown in 1st place with 208 notifiable offences. 99 of these offences were for anti-social behaviour, only St. Peters ward had more ASB with a total of 101. The area with the least total offences was Limehouse ward with 26.

Tower Hamlets crimes by ward Feb 16
Tower Hamlets crimes by ward Feb 16

What do you think about these figures? Do they look right or do you think there is in fact more crime than reported? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Met Police

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