Tower Hamlets population is growing faster than anywhere else in the UK

Tower Hamlets population projected to grow by 25.1% to mid-2024, the fastest growth of any English local authority.

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Tower Hamlets population is projected to soar by more than a quarter, or 71,400, to 355,400 by 2024 according to new official forecasts today.

London boroughs make up nine out of the 10 fastest-growing local populations in Britain, the exception being Corby in Northamptonshire.

The projections reflect current trends and do not take into account the ability of an area to accommodate any extra population.

Table 3 shows areas where the population is projected to have the highest percentage growth in the 10 years to mid-2024.

The population of England is projected to grow by 7.5% over the 10 years to mid-2024. Of 324 local authorities, 315 are projected to see their population increase over the period and 13 local authorities are projected to grow by more than 15%.

Suzie Dunsmith, head of the population projections unit at the Office for National Statistics, said: “All regions of England are projected to see an increase in their population size over the next decade, with London, the East of England and South-East projected to grow faster than the country as a whole.

“The population is also ageing, with all regions seeing a faster growth in those aged 65 and over than in younger age groups.”

Source: ONS Twitter

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