Update on woman involved in horrific car crash on Commercial Road

A BMW sports car drove in to a gate but a female got caught in a horrific scene.

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On Tuesday we shared a video that was circulating on Whatsapp. This video went viral and was shared 100’s of times.

The video showed the scene of a horrific crash that left a woman lodged between a gate and a BMW car. We were all worried about the welfare of the woman and have received an update on the incident.

The Evening Standard has reported that the woman involved in the crash has survived with no life threatening injuries.

The woman’s boyfriend told the Standard: “She wants to let everyone know that she’s okay because most people wouldn’t expect her to be.

“She doesn’t remember very much but she wants to find the Spanish woman who was very kind and stayed with her, speaking to her as she waited for help.

“Without the help of the Air Ambulance she would have lost her legs, so we are so grateful for their amazing response. She is very lucky to be alive.”

The woman, who was on her way to catch a bus to work, screamed as she was hurled into the iron railings.

Farjana Begum, 21, who lives in the property where the woman was trapped told the Evening Standard it was a miracle the woman survived.

Farjana told them: “I heard the screech of breaks and crash, it was so loud.

“I went to my window and heard her scream as she was on the ground, she tried to move her feet but she couldn’t.

Scene of crash. Image: Viral Whatsapp Share
Scene of crash. Image: Viral Whatsapp Share

“It’s a miracle she only suffered a leg injury. Those gates are really sturdy and we feared the worst and we’re just so relieved she’s alive.”

The gate where the crash took place is now sealed off. Image: Motoforce
The gate where the crash took place is now sealed off. Image: Motoforce

Source: Evening Standard

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