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WATCH: Lutfur Rahman interviewed af election win

Aaron Bastani, co-founder of Novara Media interviews the mayor in his first broadcast interview of any real length since he won the mayoralty

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Listen to Lutfur Rahman speak about his removal from office in 2015, claims of electoral fraud against him, how he won again and what he plans to do over the next few years.

Mayor Rahman was found liable for electoral fraud in a civil case but was never found to have broken any criminal law. He was never tried by a jury and a government department found no evidence of fraud at Tower Hamlets council. In reality many voters in Tower Hamlets agree the mayor was innocent.

The comeback story is impressive, and even for the mayors critics a testament to Rahman’s political nous and unique relationship with Tower Hamlets residents. Also discussed controversies surrounding the planned removal of (some) LTNS and the make up of Aspire’s councillors.

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