Bow crane collapse: The way residents have been treated is disgusting


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I’m not one to usually complain online, but the treatment of the residents since the crane collapsed on our homes has been utterly disgusting. Especially since the BBC News, BBC News বাংলা and Sky News stopped reporting on the matter. 

As some of you know a crane fell on my cul-de-sac two weeks ago injuring many and killing one resident (may she rest in peace).

We were evacuated immediately and were told initially it was for only two hours and not to bring anything with us.

It’s been two weeks and we are still living in a hotel!

We were only allowed access to our property for five minutes to collect essentials & medicine. 

The hotel we are living in is paid for and there’s a £20 food allowance but apart from that… we have no financial help.

Our cars are stuck, our tools are stuck and out livelihoods are on pause, a lot of people can’t go to work.

We only have the clothes on our back and can’t go in to our homes to get some more. There has been no indication our receipts will be paid for.

My children’s education is suffering. They can’t do their online homework because their tablets are at home. The kids are bored, traumatised and their general mental and physical wellbeing is suffering. 

We were told yesterday we won’t be allowed back in for THREE MORE MONTHS and any receipts and loss of earnings would have to be pursued by myself. Just been left to dry by Gateway Housing Association but at least they’ve taken charge and turned up.

Very disappointed with Swan Housing Association who are responsible for the crane, they should be the ones taking care of us. They haven’t even bothered to turn up to a single meeting, disgusting behaviour. 
They should be paying for our clothes and expenses. 

Where is Tower Hamlets Council? They have been useless, zero help from them. I applied for a crisis grant for clothing and got refused. What else do you call a crisis? 

Local MP Apsana Begum has been trying to help, credit where its due. But, seems like her hands are tied.

What is the mayor of tower hamlets John Biggs doing to help us? Nothing at all. Haven’t seen him since the day the crane collapsed. We have been brushed aside and forgotten about.

I urge Mayor of London Sadiq Khan to get involved. We need good litigation lawyers to represent us and make Swan Housing Association pay for this. They cannot get away with this. 

Please tag someone that may be able to help.

This article was originally posted by Shiraz Islam on Facebook.

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