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Chrisp Street Iceland Closes Amidst Health Concerns Over ‘Uncontrolled Mouse Activity’

Iceland Chrisp Street Market Pic: Google Maps

Shoppers in Chrisp Street Market were left puzzled this week as the Iceland store on Vesey Path abruptly shut its doors. Concerned locals took to social media platforms, with Facebooks users very upset that their local supermarket was closed.

Following inquiries, a spokesperson for Tower Hamlets Council shed light on the closure, citing severe health concerns. The spokesperson stated, “Environmental health officers from Tower Hamlets Council served Iceland (Poplar branch) with a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice because of uncontrolled mouse activity within the premises, which posed an imminent risk of injury to health.

“The premises are now closed as a result. An application has been made to the court to decide whether the premises still pose an imminent risk to health.”

Despite attempts to seek comments from both the Poplar store and Iceland headquarters, there has been no response so far. The closure has left locals speculating on when, or if, the branch will reopen, as the community awaits further developments on this unexpected turn of events.

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