Life-Saving Bleed Control Kits Installed Across Tower Hamlets

Cllr Ohid Ahmed with the bleed kit. Image: Tower Hamlets Council

Tower Hamlets has taken a significant step in improving community safety by installing life-saving bleed control kits around the borough. The equipment will help stop severe bleeding during emergencies, such as car accidents, sports injuries, and other incidents that result in significant blood loss.

Residents of Tower Hamlets can now access five bleed control kits situated at strategic locations, including three in Victoria Park, and one on each of the youth service buildings in Limehouse and St Andrew’s. Plans are underway to install more kits across the wards in the coming months.

These bleed control kits are easy to use and provide crucial first aid that can save lives before emergency services arrive. They are registered with 999, meaning anyone who calls for an ambulance in the area will be directed to a nearby kit. The kits contain medical supplies, such as bandages, tourniquets, and gauze, to help stop bleeding and promote healing.

Councillor Ohid Ahmed, the Cabinet Member for Safer Communities, expressed his satisfaction with the installation of the kits, stating that they give injured individuals a better chance of survival. Ahmed also emphasized that the kits represent a significant investment in community safety.

“This is a very important investment in our community safety,” said Ahmed. “I hope they never have to be used, but it is reassuring to know they are there if they are needed.”

The installation of bleed control kits in Tower Hamlets is part of a broader strategy to improve emergency response times and make life-saving first aid more accessible to residents. The initiative has been lauded by many in the community as a critical step in enhancing public safety and saving lives.

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