Suited Armed Robber Nabbed by Detective After ‘Piece of Luck’


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In a daring armed robbery at a Bethnal Green newsagents, Zohirul Haque pointed a firearm at staff and stole a quantity of cash. He made a swift exit despite the courageous activation of the panic alarm by the victims. The Flying Squad detectives wasted no time launching an immediate investigation and were hot on the trail, determined to bring the perpetrator to justice.

Haque, sporting a distinctive suit and bow tie during the crime, eluded the initial police response. However, Detective Sergeant McGee of the Flying Squad had a stroke of luck the following day. While gathering evidence in the area, McGee spotted a man whose attire matched the suspect’s description. The smart suit, complete with a bow tie, stood out, and despite slight variations, McGee suspected it was their man. The suspect, identified as Haque, also carried an identical rucksack to the one worn during the robbery.

McGee recalled the moment, stating, “He walked straight past me, and I called for colleagues to come to the scene. Meanwhile, I followed him for five to ten minutes until they arrived, and he was then arrested.”

Mugshot of Zohirul Haque
Pic: Met Police

“He stood out as he was wearing a really smart suit with a bow tie, and although it looked different to the one described by the victims, I immediately suspected this was the man we were looking for. He was also wearing a rucksack identical to the one worn by the suspect.

“Haque walked straight past me, and I called for colleagues to come to the scene. Meanwhile I followed him for five to ten minutes until they arrived, and he was then arrested.

“You don’t often get days like that when it all falls into place, and that piece of luck helped to bring justice to the victims, although it took some further police work to secure the evidence we needed.”

The arrest marked a turning point in the case, with officers later bailing Haque to gather further evidence. A crucial witness stepped forward, positively identifying him as the suspect. Additionally, CCTV footage played a pivotal role in confirming Haque’s involvement. On Monday, 5 December 2022, Haque was rearrested and charged with armed robbery.

Officers were unable to recover the stolen firearm or the approximately £200 in cash taken during the incident. Haque, aged 39, of no fixed address, appeared at Snaresbrook Crown Court on Thursday, 26 October 2023, where he was unanimously found guilty of armed robbery. On Monday, 5 February, he was sentenced to twelve years behind bars at the same court.

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