Tower Hamlets Labour’s Role in Elevating Keir Starmer: An Endorsement of Breaking International Law?


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In a recent interview on LBC, Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labour Party, made statements that have ignited a storm of controversy and raised questions about the party’s stance on international law and human rights. These remarks, and the subsequent response, also highlight the significant role of Tower Hamlets Labour in enabling Keir Starmer’s leadership, with the endorsement of ex-Mayor John Biggs adding an intriguing layer to the story.

During the interview, Starmer suggested that it is acceptable for Israel to withhold power and water from citizens in Gaza, adding, “Obviously, everything should be done within international law.” However, these comments have sparked a fierce debate, as they appear to be at odds with established international laws and principles.

International law, most notably the Fourth Geneva Convention, unambiguously prohibits the use of starvation as a method of warfare and establishes the rights of civilian populations, particularly in occupied territories. Collective punishment, which includes withholding essential resources like food, water, and power from civilian populations, is explicitly deemed a war crime.

On social media, criticism of Starmer’s remarks has been intense. One user stated, “Sir Keir Starmer told a London radio station today that Israel was entitled to cut off water and power supplies to Gaza when he knows this to be false.” The strong language used reflects the gravity of the situation and the perceived deviation from international legal norms.

These comments have shone a spotlight on the Labour Party, and the role of Tower Hamlets Labour in elevating Keir Starmer to the leadership position. While it’s important to remember that the views expressed by Starmer are his own and may not necessarily represent the entire party, his status as the leader gives his words significant influence and potential to be interpreted as a reflection of the party’s position.

Tower Hamlets Labour, like many local branches, played a pivotal role in supporting Keir Starmer’s leadership campaign. The controversy surrounding his remarks now places the spotlight on how this local branch, among others, perceives and responds to the situation.

What adds an intriguing layer to this story is the endorsement of Keir Starmer by ex-Mayor John Biggs. Biggs, who held the mayoral position in Tower Hamlets, carries considerable influence within the local Labour scene. His endorsement of Starmer for leadership highlights the dynamics at play within the party and local branches like Tower Hamlets Labour.

The concerns raised on social media and in the public sphere are a matter of serious concern for Tower Hamlets Labour. The party has a history of advocating for social justice and human rights, and this incident puts a spotlight on its commitment to these values.

It is essential for the leadership of Tower Hamlets Labour to address these concerns promptly and ensure that their position aligns with international law and human rights principles. This is a test of the party’s commitment to its values and the consequences of enabling Keir Starmer as the leader.

The controversial remarks by Keir Starmer have ignited a debate around the Labour Party’s stance on international law. This incident also highlights the significant role of local branches like Tower Hamlets Labour in supporting Starmer’s leadership. The party’s response to this situation is critical to its commitment to human rights and international law, with the endorsement by ex-Mayor John Biggs adding a layer of complexity to the story.

The targeting of innocent civilians can never be excused or justified.


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