Tower Hamlets Ranks Second in UK for Public CCTV Spending

London Dominates the List of Highest Per Capita CCTV Expenditures

In a recent study conducted by Get Licensed, the UK’s leading security staffing platform, Tower Hamlets has emerged as the second-highest spender on public CCTV in the entire country, spending over £2,948,830 annually. This revelation comes as part of a comprehensive investigation into the spending habits of various UK councils on surveillance systems.

The findings, which can be accessed in detail on Get Licensed’s website, showcase the top 10 UK areas with the highest annual expenditures on public CCTV cameras. Barking & Dagenham tops the list with an astounding per capita expenditure of £12.36, a figure significantly higher than any other council area in the study. Tower Hamlets follows closely behind in second place, allocating £9.44 per person annually for their CCTV provision.

Hammersmith and Fulham rounds out the top three with an expenditure of £5.09 per capita, reflecting a total spend of £932,500 distributed among its 183,295 residents.

One noteworthy trend from the study is the dominance of London in the upper echelons of CCTV spending. All three of the councils with the highest per capita expenditures on surveillance are located in the capital. Six out of the top 10 areas also belong to London, suggesting a significant focus on public safety through CCTV coverage in the city.

The study didn’t stop at expenditures; it also examined the number of public CCTV cameras in various areas. Topping this list is North Lanarkshire Council, located in Scotland, with a staggering 1,310 cameras spread across the region. This council encompasses parts of Glasgow and its suburbs, highlighting the importance of surveillance in urban and suburban areas alike.

This research by Get Licensed offers valuable insights into the allocation of resources for public safety and the prevalence of CCTV cameras across the UK. It prompts important discussions about the balance between surveillance and privacy in the digital age.

For a deeper dive into the study’s data and to explore the UK areas with the most public CCTV cameras, visit Get Licensed’s website.

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