We’re voting Labour (Sadiq Khan) for London Mayor because we love Tower Hamlets

We love Tower Hamlets but if the Conservatives win we will be priced out of this borough.

I’ve lived in Tower Hamlets all my life and I love it. I’m voting for Labour and Sadiq Khan because if the Conservatives win Tower Hamlets will be too expensive to live and poor people like me will be kicked out.

I’m already struggling to pay the rent and council tax but if the Conservatives get in it will get harder.

People who work 40+ hours a week to support their families will find themselves priced out of Tower Hamlets and will be forced to move outside of London because they can’t afford to live here.

Only those who can afford £1500 per month rent for a one bedroom flat will be ok. Families who have low paid jobs and a low income will suffer.

So we will vote Sadiq Khan for London mayor. He is the man for equal London.


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