You voted for a councillor, what do they actually do?

Being an effective councillor requires both commitment and hard work.

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Tower Hamlets Council is made up of members, who are called councillors, together they represent the people in the area they were voted for. Councillors must either live or work in the area.

Councillors do not receive a salary. However, they do get a ‘member’s allowance’ in recognition of their time and expenses incurred while on council business.

Your councillors have a personal, individual and collective responsibility for Tower Hamlets Council’s activities. Being an effective councillor requires both commitment and hard work.

Attendance Record League Table (leaders of top 3 parties)
1st. Councillor Peter Golds (Conservative Group): 100%
2nd. Mayor John Biggs (Labour): 96%
3rd. Councillor Oliur Rahman (Independent Group): 67%

Every service provided by Tower Hamlets is managed in their name. Councillors have a complex role and must act in a number of capacities: as a committee member, constituency representative and party activist.

In addition, as members of political groups or as independents, councillors express their political values and support the policies of the group to which they belong. Individual councillors do not have the authority to make decisions on behalf of the entire council.

The Tower Hamlets website provides details of your councillors attendance, time sheets and more. Check it out here:

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