Funeral for victim of tower fire held in East London Mosque

Syrian refugee Muhammad Alhajali was the first victim of the Grenfell Tower fire named by the authorities

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The funeral for a victim of the Grenfell Tower disaster was held in East London Mosque today Wednesday, 21 June.

The packed funeral service which started after Muslim afternoon prayers had the mayor of London Sadiq Khan in attendance.

After the funeral prayer, Mr Alhajali’s sister and the mayor of London made statements.

The body was then transported and buried in a Muslim cemetry in Hainault.

Muhammad Alhajali was a 23-year-old Syrian refugee, he lived on the 14th floor of the 24-storey Grefnell Tower in west London.

Mr Alhajali’s family were assisted by the Home Office by making arrangements to travel to the UK for Aljahali’s funeral. This came after nearly 100,000 people signed a petition calling for his parents to be granted visas for the UK so they can attend his funeral.

The family will be accepting condolences in Marylebone on 6pm onwards.

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