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Tower Hamlets Mayoral Election Results (First Round)

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No candidate has secured more than 50% of first preference votes. We’re now heading for a count of voters’ second preferences. Here are the results so far for first preference votes:

Lutfur Rahman (Aspire) 39,533 47.0% (+32.7)

John Biggs (Labour) 27,894 33.2% (-15.2)

Rabina Khan (Lib Dem) 6,430 7.7% (+0.5)

Elliott Weaver (Conservative) 4,269 5.1% (-2.8)

Andrew Wood (Independent) 3,965 4.6% (NEW)

Hugo Pierre (TUSC) 1,462 1.7% (+0.8)

Pamela Holmes (Independent): 552 0.7% (NEW)

*Changes with 2018 Election

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